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At Leather Guru, we’ve been professional leather furniture cleaners for over 25 years.

For several years, due to customer demand, LeatherGuru have also been offering our  Leather Car Seat Restoration Bucks service.  For expert leather car upholstery restoration, LeatherGuru are the pro’s, covering Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, London and the surrounding areas.

We provide quality, service and value for money.  With LeatherGuru professional Leather Car Seat Restoration Bucks service, our knowledge and expertise are second to none.

Why restore your leather car seats? There may be several different reasons; for example, it may be that your leather seats are still in good structural condition, but have some wear and tear and damage such as scratches to the surface of the leather.  Many lease cars now have leather interiors and all too often you may have inadvertently damaged them. This can lead to a hefty bill from the lease company if it’s not addressed before handing the car back.

However, the best reason of all is cost.  Reupholstering with a new leather interior can cost many thousands of pounds.  Restoring existing leather car seats will cost significantly less, whilst leaving a surface essentially the same as the original factory finish, giving you many more years of use.  Contact us for more information on our professional  Leather Car Seat Restoration Bucks service.

Our Professional Leather Car Seat Restoration Bucks Service...

ferrari 308 leather seat restoration
volvo v70 black leather seat requiring restoration
volvo v70 leather seat after restoration
porsche 944 leather seat during restoration
porsche 944 leather seat after restoration
Ferrari 308
Ferrari 308 Severe Bolster Wear

Our customer had purchased a mint conditon Ferrari 308 (the 'Magnum PI' one, for those of a certain age). Unfortunately, the driver's seat bolster had been severely neglected and was cracked and worn. Our repair process dealt with the damage and recoloured to match.

Volvo V70 Nasty Seat!
Volvo V70 Neglected Leather Seat - Before

This is what happens when your dogs rule the roost! These Volvo V70 seats were in a very bad way. Underneath the dirt and a few scratches, they were actually not badly worn and a perfect candidate for restoration

Volvo V70 Nice Seat!
Volvo V70 Seat After Restoration

Underneath the nasty stuff there was a nice seat! We had a few scratches from dog claws to fix, recoloured in black to match existing, and sealed wth a nice semi-matt finish

Porsche 944 leather seat mid restoration
Porsche 944 Leather Seat Mid Restoration

This Porsche 944 seat required full restoration. First we deep cleaned, stripped down to a stable surface, recoloured to original Porsche factory colour and resealed.

Porsche 944 leather seat restored
Porsche 944 Leather Seat Restored

Due to the high quality of the original Porsche leather, despite the car having covered well over 100k miles, the resulting restoration left the seat looking as good as new and ready for another 100k!

We can usually restore most types of leather.  The most common leather car seat restoration that we come across is for pigmented leather (the most common leather used for car seats and domestic leather upholstery). It generally responds extremely well to being restored.  Another, less common leather finish that we see is called aniline or semi-aniline finish.  Because the surface of aniline leather is essentially unsealed and porous, it tends to get damaged by spillages and soiling, leaving it unsightly to look at and difficult, if  not impossible to clean.

If this has happened to your aniline leather car upholstery, we may be able to help.  Our process essentially turns your aniline leather into a pigmented leather.  It will change the look and feel of it (and so we will need to discuss your expectations in some detail), but may be an option to consider rather than having to reupholster it.

When we initially speak with you, we will discuss and identify what type of leather you have and advise accordingly on what professional leather restoration results are achievable, based on the extent of wear and damage to your leather that is currently present. 

What Types Of Leather Car Seat Can We Restore?

ferrari 308 leather seat restoration

Most of our customers who discover our  Leather Car Seat Restoration Bucks service tell us that they didn’t even know it could be done.

Results of any leather car seat restoration will, of course, depend very much on the current condition.  Before we can quote, we will always need to look at some photos and in some cases visit to inspect the seats.

Can we restore any damage? No! Sometimes, the surface may simply be too worn or damaged for a repair to be worthwhile or economical.

We will always give you an honest opinion of what is achievable and what you can expect.

Give your unloved leather car seats a new lease of life with a leather restoration from LeatherGuru.  All work is covered with our 12 month warranty. 

Get in touch today to discuss your leather car seats!

Email or call us now on 01494 957602 and speak to Tim or Louise about your requirements.

Our Five Step Leather Car Seat Restoration Bucks Process...

Step 1. Deep Clean And Prep Surface

Before any leather restoration can take place, an essential part of any leather restoration project is the preparation. First we deep clean all surfaces and remove existing seal finish to provide the best surface to work with.

Step 2. Repair Existing Damage

There is nearly always some pre-existing damage to the surface of the leather from general use and wear and tear. Scratches, scuffs and nicks etc are inevitable. Before any colour is applied to the leather, we will repair and fill as necessary* (*results of repairs will of course vary depending upon the severity of the issue - we will discuss this with you prior to any work taking place).

Step 3. Apply New Colour

Now for the best bit! Applying the new leather surface colour. Depending upon the logistics of the area where we are working on your item, we will use a combination of methods to apply leather colour, including spray, roller and sponge.

Step 4. Apply Factory Seal

Once several coats of leather dye have been applied, it is vital that the surface is then sealed to protect the leather. The seal is identical to that originally applied at the factory. You can choose anything from matt to gloss finish.

Step 5. Customer Sign Off

Once completed, we will invite you to inspect our work and ensure that you are satisfied. Please also remember that even after we leave, you are covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee and 12 month warranty. If you are not satisfied with any part of our service, we will happily return and put things right until you are!

Why Use Us?

Factory Finish Process

We use the same processes and equipment as the factory originally did when your leather was manufactured

We're Reliable

We'll come when we say we are (we offer 2 hour arrival slots), and in the unlikely event that for some reason we can't get to you, we'll always tell you

You're In Safe Hands

We're experts at what we do. We are fully trained in all aspects of leather cleaning and restoration and have been involved in the industry for over 25 years

Value For Money

We're almost certainly not the cheapest around, but that's not what we're about. We take enormous effort to ensure you only get top quality work

Here's What Our Customers Are Saying About Us
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Unsightly peeling of expensive 7 year old leather sofa.

“Contractor was prompt on agreed arrival and well courteous. Proceeded to examine and explain from answer from start and throughout how he intended to repair. Very pleased with 100% colour match. Has brought my sofa back to former glory. Highly recommended.”

Hal W, E16
Slide 1 - copy

“Fantastic work. He changed my red leather couch to a pink one. Spent time to discuss all options with me such as the finish. He spent ages working with me to get the colour exactly as we wanted. He even knocked up swatch samples on leather which I felt was a nice touch. Highly recommended.”

Giles D, NW3
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Leather car seat interior repair / restore
“Excellent communication, workmanship, punctual, price. Competent to the job, personal approach.”

Mike M, WD6
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Renovation of leather chair and footstool
“Excellent work, restored a badly scratched leather chair to good as new.”

Anthony C, SL9
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Dyed sofa and chair back to original colour
“Excellent workman,both courteous and professional”

Ann H, HP20
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Meet Your Local Leather Specialist

Hello, my name is Tim Hopkins. With my wife Louise, I own and run LeatherGuru. If you've got a particular problem with your leather sofa, leather car interior, or maybe it just needs a deep clean, chances are I can help. Give me a call today or fill in our contact form. My advice is always free!

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