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Within our sister brand, A Brighter Home, we’ve been professional leather furniture cleaners in the industry for over 25 years.

During the last few years, we noticed that there was more and more need for restoration of leather furniture such as leather sofas and also car seats.

The reason seems to be the move within the industry over to water based coatings for ecological reasons.  Although undoubtedly better for the environment (so no argument from us here), these original factory coatings are perhaps not so durable.

This has dramatically increased the need for our services to restore leather as well as just clean leather.

So Louise and I founded LeatherGuru.  Our mission, to specialise only in leather cleaning and restoration.  If you have a need for specialist Carpet Cleaning, Fabric Cleaning or Hard Floor Cleaning, head on over to our sister brand, A Brighter Home, where they’ll be sure to help you.

Rest assured, that whatever your leather issue, chances are we’ve seen it before and we’ll probably have the answer.

Can we fix any leather issue?  Afraid not.  Sadly, sometimes the damage may be such that it just simply isn’t possible or economical  to rectify through cleaning or restoration.  In this case, we will advise you honestly what your options are.

Contact Tim or Louise for more information on our professional leather sofa cleaning and restoration service.

Meet Your Local Leather Specialist

Hello, my name is Tim Hopkins. With my wife Louise, I own and run LeatherGuru. If you've got a particular problem with your leather sofa, leather car interior, or maybe it just needs a deep clean, chances are I can help. Give me a call today or fill in our contact form. My advice is always free!

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