Join the LeatherGuru family and become a leather restoration professional!

Are you already a leather professional?

Or perhaps you're looking for a career change?

If you’re good with your hands and have an eye for detail, why not become a LeatherGuru partner?

We only partner with those willing to work to our exacting standards.  In return, we can offer excellent rates to the right people.

We receive enquiries from all around the UK and are particularly looking for partners in the following areas and regions:

How does partnering with LeatherGuru work?

Our extensive marketing and excellent reputation drives good quality enquiries from all over the UK.

We convert these enquiries into high quality work and distribute to our LeatherGuru partners around the UK.

Who are we looking for?

You may be running your own leather restoration business already and would be happy to benefit from extra work, or perhaps you currently run another service business such as carpet and upholstery cleaning and would like to add another income stream to your business.  You may have never done anything like this before but fancy a change of career – feel free to get in touch and we can have an initial, informal no obligation chat.  Similar skills that can be adapted to leather restoration work are car bodywork repairs, painting and decorating etc etc.  Apart from that, you need to be physically fit and not colour blind (!).  Contact Tim for an informal chat and see whether you can become a leather restoration professional.

Do I need premises?

Not essential, no. The vast majority of our leather restoration and leather cleaning work is carried on site in the customer’s home or premises.

There is, however, a large market for leather colour change work that is generally not practical to do on site. Access to a double garage (or similar sized workshop) would be enough space to offer this worthwhile service to boost your income stream.

What about training?

If you’re already involved in the industry, it’s likely there will be little, if any, training required. We will, of course, need to look at examples of your work and have a face to face meeting before offering you the opportunity to come onboard.

If you are new to the industry, then naturally there is quite extensive training required. We have relationships with a couple of leather chemical supply companies in the UK that offer training courses that we can refer you to. In some circumstances we may well be able to offer training ourselves. There is, however, always something new to learn in the leather restoration industry and we consider training to be an ongoing vocation.

Is partnering with LeatherGuru a franchise?

No. We don’t sell franchises and we don’t charge ongoing franchise fees.  As a LeatherGuru partner, you are running your own business as an agent of LeatherGuru.  We charge you a fee for the first job from each new customer that we introduce into your business in order to cover our own marketing and running costs.  After that, the customer is yours.

Do you guarantee a minimum volume of work?

No. It’s obviously not possible to predict what volume of work will come into any specific area of the country.

We do, however, aim to ensure even coverage around the country.  We won’t take on another partner in an area where we already have sufficient coverage to meet demand.

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